Thursday, July 8, 2010


This blog is dedicated to all those fellow beings out there who are victims or witnesses to arrogance . Why this arrogance??
some are arrogant if they are male....for some its their bad past and hw they ve cum up(this one s serious heights!!!!)for some its bcoz you are in a better post than them....for some it s triggered if they are in a superior post.....

THis arrogance s typically exprssed through loud and angry voices ....through rude and harsh words....through a wide spit fire of lies and expecting you to blive them!!!!
i need comments on wat arrogance is typical in your everyday lives....and hw do you make them eat their own foot or socks or wadeva


hola mes amis,
I fell in love with french when i was in 11th std and introduced to it ended once i reached colg and nw i am nt in touch at all since 5 yestrdy while personalizing my comp at office i found a desktop gadget called language translator which can translate any language to any language. so now am learning french again and loving every second of it!!!!!!

Random observations

i want to write about few crazy human behaviors and even crazier expectations:-
1. in India, when a man and a woman meet on a single lane while walking, the man expects the female to leave way for him and doesn't evn slightly steer frm his path...
2. some ppl think raising voices will result in "hence proved" and " case closed"
3. No one is anyones friend...its all"laugh with him when he s there and laugh at him when he is not there"
4. Not many actually follow their dreams...ppl tend to sum up wat they have achieved til now and project it as their childhood aspirations
5. When ppl say money s the last thing to care about, its false...every one slog and work fr money and every attribute is measured in its monetary value only.....
6. PPL tend to take your minus points as their plus points( this is the craziest part!!!!)
7. Hardwork and patience will take you places.
8. Liars ll never last long and sadly 99.999% of the human population dont realise this!!!!
9. There are two kinds of ppl...those who say "I am smart" and those who are smart!!
10. We are here to enjoi and live a life....but we want it as complicated as possible./..
11. PPl think drama and dramatising even everyday activities ll prove their point
more to come
now going fr lunch

Mon premier blog

Hi this is my first blog and here follows the dedications::::::
MOM:you the bestest and wat iam today is only coz of you
DAD: FOr trusting me and letting me follow my heart
Harini: FOr being my totally best critic and leavin no stone unturned in the process
Vijay: For just being vj and helping me out patiently at all times....for never judging me.....
NIFT: For showing me and the world wat i am capable of
MAS: for giving me the first taste of financial independance
BOoks and novels: for having been my one and only source of comfort and entertainment many times!!!
Human beings: for presenting me a plethora of minds to explore and analyse and learn from
Life: for giving me an interesting lesson and learning frm my mistakes!!!!